Tech review – Lume Cube Panel


In my 25+ year career in video production, I have seen my share of lighting equipment. When I began in the business my light kit was huge and the lights inside were hot and eat up a ton of energy. We needed that because the camera sensors weren’t as good cameras are now. Camera sensors have gotten smaller and better with handling lower light situations. Over the years, LED lights have become more popular with creatives because of their size, energy-saving and recently, their light output. Recently a light kept popping up on my social media timelines and I thought that I would try it out.

The Lume Cube LED Panel light is a rechargeable Bi-Color light with a sleek and compact design. It’s mainly made for run and gun situations where a small footprint is needed. Got any hard-to-shop-for folks on your gift list? Do any of those folks like to travel, take pictures, or shoot video? See if it’s good enough to make it in my gear bag. Check it out.