About Us

LaShon in a pink top and Kevin in a blue shirt smiling while sitting on a brick wall in Boston, MA.

Two Adults

We met in a television newsroom in Atlanta. We’ve been sharing closet space and adjusting the thermostat on each other’s “perfect” household temperature for over 20 years.

Kevin Hill is an Emmy-award-winning videographer, and owns a live streaming company. He hasn’t met a tech gadget he doesn’t like and believes the answers to all of life’s mysteries can be found in a Bob Marley song.

LaShon Hill is an award-winning writer and content strategist. She’s worked in media, public relations, and corporate America for more than 20 years. She geeks out over a clean, well-organized website and wants to read all the books. All. Of. Them.

Two Adults One Kid

Surprise! We became parents two months after our wedding – to a 7 year old.

Two Adults Two Kids

Two daughters almost 10 years apart. Kevin is outnumbered! 

Two Adults No Kids

We made it! (Middle school was no joke. And high school? Ugh.)

Our oldest daughter is well into her career and doing her own thing – #BigGirlJobForTheWin. Our youngest daughter is living her best (parent-financed) college life. Neither of our daughters live at home full time.

Now that we're no longer bound to a school calendar, we're learning how to be a couple again, as well as remembering what we liked to do as individuals before we became parents. But (plot twist!) we're also navigating how to care for aging parents. We know we’re not the only ones experiencing these changes in our lives.

A few years ago, traveling topped our “must do” empty-nesters list. We planned to rediscover each other and the world as we booked trips for Two Adults No Kids. Seeing the world is still important to us (Ireland, I *am* coming!), but it's on a back burner while we're sandwiched between the needs of our kids and our parents. And, more importantly, while we're finding pockets of time to also take care of ourselves. If you're experiencing the same things, join us on this journey. We can help each other through it.

Kevin and LaShon
Two Adults No Kids