About Us


Two Adults

We met in a television newsroom in Atlanta. We’ve been sharing closet space and adjusting the thermostat on each other’s “perfect” household temperature for 20 years.

Kevin Hill is an Emmy-award-winning videographer, and owns a live streaming company. He hasn’t met a tech gadget he doesn’t like and believes the answers to all of life’s mysteries can be found in a Bob Marley song.

LaShon Hill is an award-winning writer and content strategist. She’s worked in media, public relations, and corporate America for 20 years. She geeks out over a clean, well organized website and wants to read all the books. All. Of. Them.

Two Adults One Kid

Surprise! We became parents two months after our wedding – to a 7 year old.

Two Adults Two Kids

Two daughters almost 10 years apart. Kevin is outnumbered!

We wanted our children to know more about the world than what they experienced in their daily lives. Both have been bitten by the travel bug and love getting stamps in their passports.

Two Adults One-ish Kids

Wellllll… our oldest daughter is not a kid anymore. She’s an adult, married, and doing her own thing.

Our youngest is in high school and nowhere near coming to terms with the knowledge that college living won’t include a personal chef (Kevin), a car service, or an endless supply of clean towels!

She is, however, becoming more and more independent and doesn’t need us for everything anymore. (Do I cry or celebrate? It’s a daily dilemma.) We’re gearing up for campus visits, college applications, and the joys of learning to do laundry.

This is the prelude to an empty nest. A preview of coming adventures, right?

Two Adults No Kids

It’s all been leading to this.

Soon, we won’t be bound to a school calendar. We’ll need to learn how to be a couple again, as well as remember what we liked to do as individuals before we became parents. We know we’re not the only ones navigating this stage in our lives.

Travelling topped our “must do” list. Join us on this journey of rediscovering each other and the world as we book life for Two Adults No Kids.