Sweat The Technique


It’s rare that we get time alone – extended time alone – that’s more than a handful of hours. But… our kids ditched us over the Thanksgiving holiday. We got to express our gratitude for each other over the course of 5 days. FIVE!

We woke up when we wanted to, and went to bed when we felt like it. No waking up to make sure someone else is up and getting ready for school. No lying in bed wide awake waiting for someone to arrive home safely after a night out with friends.

With our newfound freedom, we tried something we’ve never tried before – a couples sauna. Kevin found a great deal at a new business close to our home.

Hotbox (no, not that!) took relaxation to a whole other level. The heat, the music, the companionship. It all added up to an experience I can’t wait to repeat.

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