I’m Serious This Time

I love being their mom – even when they’re laughing at me, not with me…!

I think I need blinders and earmuffs before Two Adults No Kids can live up to its name. Actually, a tight blindfold and secure earplugs would work better.

I confess, the inability of Two Adults to travel with No Kids is my fault. (Kevin is thrilled to have this in writing. I’ll probably find this one sentence printed and taped to my bathroom mirror.) With our oldest daughter in her late twenties, and our youngest daughter on her way out the door and heading to college soon (Senior Season – Countdown to Class of 2020!), I’ve gotten a little cocky. Small tastes of freedom have me ready to roll as a duo with Kevin. Just like back in the day. Pre-marriage. Pre-kids. Old school couplehood.


With the girls in Aruba

I’m a sucker. Whenever Kevin and I make plans, I still want to include our girls. The girls, of course, are all about being included on trips to Aruba and Greece. (They’ve graciously announced that we can go on a 20thanniversary trip without them. Kevin is calling BS – and rightfully so.) Our 20thanniversary is 6 days after our youngest turns 18 and she wants to do something big to mark her occasion, forget about ours.

Yes, I still treat the girls like… girls and not young adults. If they need something, I supply it. Feet hurt? I buy them more comfortable shoes. Need a neon shirt for Spirit Day at school? I’ll go shopping for it. Account low after too many trips to Starbucks and Revolving Sushi? I’ll transfer money to their accounts. 

With the girls in Mexico

Clearly, I have a problem. I know I need to cut the cord, but how? Is there a multi-step program I can follow, or is this a cold-turkey situation?

C’mon, y’all, help me out. Have you been in this situation before? How did you cut the cord with no “but I want to be a perfect parent” guilt? Advice needed!

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